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Introduction: The Wildcat Writing Den is launching their blog to celebrate The National Day of Writing. For this week’s post, the consultants share out #whyIwrite. Join us weekly as we share our writing and resources on how to grow your writing.

Literature has captivated my mind for as long as I can remember. After years and years of writing and reading, trying new techniques and revising old pieces, the need to create has never been satiated. --Riley

I can be found writing memoirs, fictional stories, and poems. But why do I write these things? I write to document my trials, to empty endless bottles of emotions, and to escape to perfect worlds. I write to create realms in which people have amazing abilities, not deadly weapons; places where when people fall in love they form an unbreakable bond, not break each other’s hearts. Yes, it’s extremely naive. But that’s okay. Sometimes you just need a place to escape to, and the pen is my key and the paper is my doorway. --Dity

Picture this: you are sitting by the crackling fireplace, wrapped up in a cozy, wool blanket. The clock reads past midnight and you know you have the tedious habit of needing to shower before going to bed. Internally groaning, you leave the cocoon of warmth into the abyss of cold to step under the freezing spray of the water. But then, the water starts to warm. Your muscles relax and you let out a sigh of content. It’s hard to imagine why you didn’t want to get in in the first place. That’s what writing is like for me, hard to get into but almost impossible to stop after you do. I write for myself and for the satisfaction it brings. Writing is my outlet. --Vicky

When my pen touches my paper, I can travel to different worlds and become a different person. As the ink stains the page, I am reliving my past and creating my own future. While my fingers tap the keyboard, my emotions are expressed to myself and my thoughts are shared with others. And when the final line has been written, I have both experienced new things and reminisced about old memories. That’s #WhyIWrite. --Nisarg

I enjoy seeing the world from different perspectives. I realize that every single person experiences life in a completely different way, and reading about other people’s lives helps us see through a new lens. It opens up more questions and possibilities we otherwise wouldn’t have considered. Being able to look outside of ourselves and see that there’s more to life than just what resides in our own minds is extremely important, and writing is an avenue to share your experience of the world with others. --Montana

I write to share what I think. Sometimes, the most effective communication happens when no one is speaking. When you write, what you have to say can be read repeatedly, rather than just considered in the moment. I have a lot to say, so writing lets me share all of it with others in a manageable way. --Jessica

I write so I can express my ideas without interruption. There is no better way to communicate effectively than through the fluidity of your words. However, I also write to receive a reaction. There are so many ways to write, and the best part is… there is not one right answer! --Sophie

I want to take you there. To the night my little sister was born and I felt unsure, like Icarus flying and falling beneath Sun, if I was fit to be an older sibling; to the beach in South Haven, where I, feeling melancholy, floated in the saltless water and watched the sunset melt into the lake; to the frigid, autumn dawn where, for the first time, I finally acknowledged the endless pool of negativity that existed in the pit of my stomach, which kept me making decisions that were long overdue and convinced me that I wasn’t worth the space I use.
I have a lot to tell and very little time to do so. I write to empty myself of what I see and what I want to see in the future. --Joann

I write because, sometimes, talking doesn’t do me justice. There are moments when I have so many thoughts whirling around in my head and the only way to get them out is to write them down on paper. I write so that I can speak my mind anytime, anywhere. I write to inspire thought amongst an audience. I write to get my point across in an eloquent, detailed way. I write because I want to express myself, and I hope you do too. Why do you write? --Candace

I struggle to say what I mean, and my sentences are often incomplete. Very few people are patient enough to wait until I have said all I have to say. When I write, it’s all there on paper. No need to wait or listen hard, you just have to read. --Elizabeth

I write because I have so many thoughts and ideas floating around in my mind, I know that if I don’t write them down I’ll be losing a great idea for a story, script, poem, or plan. I keep a mass of notebooks at all times, each of them for different purposes. It’s my creative outlet, my stress reliever, and my safe space. Where I can work and think without judgement. --Erin

I write to know something better. The more I write about a topic, the more carefully I think about it. Writing also helps me to see how my thoughts around an idea are growing and evolving. And sometimes, writing makes me feel assured that I can always learn what I don’t yet know.  --Mrs. Nizol

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